How Social Media Can Benefit Your Business


Seducing the world (one post at a time) is a blog meant for small businesses who want guidance on how to effectively run their social media accounts and create ongoing relationships with their customer base. Using social media as a means of marketing your small business is key to increasing brand awareness, getting real time feedback from the community from reviews and direct messaging systems, optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and more. Social media is a broad spectrum of sites hosting possibilities that will if anything raise your revenue, traffic to your establishment, and spread the word about your existence. Most small businesses today have to single themselves out from the competition, but how can you do that? By crafting your social media accounts to be a maintained source of information for potential customers.

So where do you begin to market your small business? First of all craft a social media strategy. Who will be running your accounts? How often do you want to post news about whats happening. And the most important question ; Who is going to respond to comments, reviews, and messages? Social media is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing when bad reviews come around. The best way to handle a bad review is to let the person know that you’ve heard them. Most customers just want to be acknowledged and want to know how you will prevent anything like they’d experienced from happening again. Big corporate giants like Olive Garden have troubles just like any other business in getting both positive and negative reviews. Let’s look at two recent comments on a Facebook post that show both sides to the spectrum of good and bad reviews.


     Lizz was happy, Mechito was not. Olive Garden though reached out to both parties, and dealt with them like any human being would like to be. They were acknowledged, and in Mechito’s sake they made it seem like they wanted to solve their problem so they would not be lost as a customer. In this situation Olive Garden is trying to resolve Mechito’s issue, but you do not necessarily need to fix every bad experience. It can get overwhelming if that route is taken, but a giant like Olive Garden that has a large team they can tackle these cases. Depending on how much time you want to put into crafting your social media presence, you can decide case by case how to deal with your customers.

Decide how much time, expenses, and who to entrust with your social media accounts. Figure out your strategy. Social media is a great outlet to garner customers, but it is also an ongoing process that needs to be maintained.



Seducing The World will be published weekly on Wednesdays (with the exception of this first post) and will be bringing you more information on how to make your small business shine. In the next few blogs, we will be focusing more in depth on specific social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to talk about how to put the most information out on your pages and generally what audiences you can reach with those sites.

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