Click here to be Instafamous!

What the heck is an Instagram? If you are not familiar with the word, then you need to brush up on your most commonly used millennial social media applications for Apple and Android. Instagram is a visual storytelling based platform where you can upload your best images, tag them, put in some text and have ‘Followers’ and the public like and comment on your posts.

Instagram Demographics:

53% of users are 18-29 and about 68% is composed of women

17% urban users, 11% suburban and rural

200 million active users

What you probably didn’t know about Instagram is that it has business tools. Just like Facebook it offers analytics (insights), the ability to target your custom audience, and there is even a tool in which you can have Instagram craft your message itself with selecting options like wanting a call to action for the consumer to call the business. Sound weird?  These three videos give an awesome understanding of how to Instagram!

NOTE: If your business already has a profile, make sure it’s a business profile.

Instagram just hit 500,000 advertisers as of last week. As opposed to Facebook it’s more of an up and coming growing social media platform for businesses in comparison. But with that being said, it is quite easy to pair Facebook and Instagram together to optimize total awareness for consumers. You can link your Instagram and Facebook profiles together in both the informational parts of your profiles for consumers to see, but also the way that you log in. Lays for example even linked the same campaign on both their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

With Instagram the possibilities are really endless. Despite that more then half of the users on Instagram are of millennial age, and are women – businesses still choose to optimize their sales with the application. Instagram has the creative means of designing campaigns that are image heavy, and collects all of your campaigns in an easy to view and access coherent profile.


So get out there and make an Instagram profile – how can it hurt? Spend some time setting up your account, and maybe put someone in charge that is really familiar with the platform. Besides. Everyone’s doing it. Be the next Instafamous business.



Seduce The World is a blog that focuses on introducing social media platforms, and strategies to new and upcoming businesses so that they can optimize their brand awareness to consumers and other businesses. We publish mid-weekly (generally Wednesday mornings), and want to bring you the most up and coming content. Comment below what you want to see explained next!


13 thoughts on “Click here to be Instafamous!

  1. Lots of great content here! You really establish yourself as a social media expert. Your “how to” approach will probably generate a lot of hits via search engines at a later date.


  2. Great article. You are right on, Instagram offers such a great platform for business and advertising. I would agree that Instagram offers great opportunities like Facebook and can link simultaneously with it to unify the campaign.

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