Tweeting for love

Twitter is yet another one of those confusing millennial social media whoo hah right? Well surprise, you can advertise on here too. Believe it or not Twitter is a really helpful tool for businesses when it comes to hitting specific markets, and topics. The social media site is so vast people from all walks of life find themselves on the website. Twitter is different in the sense that it’s a website heavily using hashtags, and in my opinion introduced the hashtag to people. If you remember about a year ago you’d hear preppy teens saying annoying things like “Hashtag my life sucks” “Hashtag yasssssss” and so on. Twitter is the epicenter of hashtags. Facebook has since joined letting common day users use the hashtag system, and there’s an option on Instagram but by far Twitter has gotten the most use out of this tagging system.

If you don’t know what a hashtag is, it’s a word or phrase proceeded by the pound sing (#). When people use this sort of tagging, you can search the word as its now a ‘key word’ in a sense. Its something trackable. It can be convenient when searching for common interests, or trying to find things on that topic. Other uses are for event planning or promotion by getting consumers to use the hashtag like Dominos. o.jpg


But as expected, the majority of users are of millennial age or so. The 18-29 age group composes most of the users, and surprisingly there are more men then women users at least in comparing 2013 to 2014. And you gotta admit the income demographic is interesting.


Just like Facebook, and Instagram Twitter requires you to have an account.

Twitter is a great tool to help achieve your business goals. There is many different campaign choices you can choose Twitter to help you with, including website clicks, followers, engagement, and app campaigns Twitter has personally tailored. Website clicks would generally what small businesses would choose as their tailored campaign as the other options generally have to do with the specific Twitter account. If you would like your Twitter account to be the main page where customers would get your info (Hey, maybe you have some sort of a business that deals with getting information out) then go right on ahead and explore the other options.

Campaign Options 

But before you get to far, Twitter makes it a little more complicated then simply setting up a page like Facebook allows you to. You can’t jump from making a wimpy profile and right to wanting to advertise. See here for the requirements. You need to be active on Twitter for a while before advertising. Weird right? You would figure Twitter would happily take your money immediately.

Before I had never really explored the idea of using it as a social media means before I saw that one of the companies I interned for used it for a banking credit union. It’s a place for small little quips and mini urls to spread the word about what your doing. You can’t put as much information as Facebook allows, and the biggest con I see with Twitter is the lack of images. Twitter is conforming to become more like the giants such as Facebook or Instagram, but because it hasn’t had as much image options throughout it’s life Twitter just simply isn’t known for or the go to for visuals.

Tell me about how you use Twitter, and if you think it would be a good business asset to work on.


10 thoughts on “Tweeting for love

  1. I agree with you that Twitter is a strong competitor to Facebook or Instagram. It plays an inevitable part not only in marketing campaign but also in retaining relationship between company and customers in the long-term.
    I am quite surprise that Twitter require an active a certain time before advertising. I prefer this requirement because as an consumer who love online shopping, I feel that account more trustful than others.

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    • You bring up a good point, if the account is active it may help weed through spam. Not that spammers would pay to have their spam advertised (or at least I would figure), but nonetheless I never really thought of it that way. I just found it annoying you have to be active and have street cred on Twitter before really doing much. Good comment!

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  2. Great post! As person who has never used Twitter in their life, this gave me a lot of value and understanding to why people/brands/companies would choose Twitter as their medium for advertising. I enjoyed the support with statistics and demographics.

    As you mentioned, one of the biggest flaws in my opinion on Twitter is the lack of images. I am a visual person, and that is probably why I have stayed away from it. There is a lot of truth to “a picture says more than a thousand words” (or 140 characters)…

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    • I got a better understanding of Twitter after writing this too! Twitter has seemed to be jumping on the train as of late with adding visuals to its site, but it still has the character restriction. I think to the very end I will always rank Twitter last in my eyes as a useful social media tool just because not as many people use it as other mediums I believe (even if the statistics try to prove me wrong, I can be a bit stubborn haha)

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      • You said it! That is how I would rank it too. I see the value of it greater for individuals like athletes and other celebrities, but in terms of marketing, I think that there are more functional social media platforms.

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  3. I’m not a fan of “Twitter”. I like visuals and depth in stories. But Twitter is great if you want to express yourself short and sweet . Thank you for the statistics.

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    • Neither am I really. I’ve never looked into the social media site as I never really understood the concept of having restricted letter messages. After writing this post I have a bit more of a respect for the medium. Glad you appreciated the statistics! Thought they would be helpful.

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  4. I read an article recently that said that Twitters newest emerging fans were grandparents. This could be due to making new accounts when passwords are forgotten. Still, I have always been perplexed with twitter and haven’t found its use in my life so i found it interesting that it is so popular to my generation. This post is well rounded and useful for learning an overview of twitter, common twitter lingo, and campaign options (too bad you can not advertise until a set time, as you mentioned). Thanks for the solid read, great content, and laughs!

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    • That’s so interesting haha! But still, I wonder why they chose Twitter of all mediums? I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Kinda bummed myself you can’t advertise immediately, Facebook doesn’t require it so I wonder why Twitter is different. What led them to wanting to make that a rule.

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  5. I’ve never been big on Twitter. It doesn’t fit with my personality, which is more expressive. However, it seems like all anyone ever talks about on the news anymore is Donald Trump’s Twitter! I think he might be making it relevant again. It saves me a lot of time to read one tweet. Then I don’t have to listen to the news go on and on about it for hours. I’ve been slowly coming back to Twitter, but I think I need to reorganize my feed. There is still a lot of stuff that I just don’t find interesting.

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