How to hoot in Hootsuite


Hootsuite sounds fun doesn’t it. It sounds like some cool owl hotel room. But it turns out it has nothing to do with owls, but it kind of has that Twitter ring to it. You can hoot to all your social media platforms from Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a platform where you can sign into all your social media accounts and monitor them from this one central dashboard. It shows statistics like interactions, shares, likes and traffic to your platforms. Depending on your account you can see analytics down to the demographic, region, and time of day.

Many businesses and marketing firms today to run their social media accounts. The website offers a free version, along with different paid subscriptions that give you different options. The free version is good for businesses just starting up their social media game seeing that you probably don’t have more then three accounts (which is the maximum number of linked accounts you can have with a basic account).

For students, and aspiring people who always are open to learning there is a certification for the application. There are free training videos online to help get you ready to take the test – but do know it does cost $99.00 for the basic platform test. Click here to find out more about the different types of certification. It might be a bit costly, but getting different certifications help build both your resume and credibility by showing you are interested in the field.

I will leave you with my friend Steve Ditto if you would like to spend some time with him learning more about Hootsuite. If not, I hope to see you in the comment box, and next week’s blog!


8 thoughts on “How to hoot in Hootsuite

  1. I’ve never heard of Hootsuite before but it sounds awesome. So it’s like something you can track people’s clicks on social media right? Just want to make sure. Love your blog, it has been helping me learn about marketing things I didn’t know about until now. I’m a management major, so knowing a bit about this stuff will help me out a lot.

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