For my next trick I will make my picture disappear in 4 seconds!

Snapchat is a well known millennial focused social media world. For those of you who haven’t heard of the platform, it’s a mobile app where you can take a picture or video and have it disappear after being opened depending on how long you film or choose to have the photo last. As simple as a concept it may sound, Snapchat blew up in popularity just after launching. It offers other things such as live action filters, normal photo filters like sepia, and a thing called a ‘story’ where you can choose to have certain snaps showcase (these can be watched again and again).

The medium used to be a relatively ad-free world for users, but as of late more and more advertisers have been using Snapchat. DailyMail, Cosmopolitan, and The Food Network have clickable ‘stories’ available (also known as Discover) to the user when looking at the friend’s stories page and can click on the companies that usually offer click bait like interesting quips and ‘What your boyfriend secretly thinks about your vagina but won’t tell you’ to get users to view them. Inside there is useful data usually targeted towards the user. More manly companies like Sports Illustrated have obviously things targeted towards men while Cosmo has girlier interactive things. Inside there are ads you can skip over or view.

Snapchat also offers a thing called a ‘geofilter’ which is a photo filter that is usable depending on your location. You can pay for, or apply to have a free filter depending on what is contained in the filter. For instance you cannot have logos in the filter if you are attempting to apply for a free filter for an even of some sort. There are many ways to advertise, or promote with Snapchat but I believe above all other social mediums its the trickiest and hardest to use.

Generally Snapchat has a specific audience of the world’s age group so you have to be a bit creative with your advertisements. It isn’t impossible of a means, but it might be better left to the professionals. It is a tad bit expensive, and doesn’t offer the best targeting tools for specific audiences. Sponsored geofilters can start around $5.00, whereas Discover little ads are more of a cost per click basis where each view costs about two pennies. But once you get into sponsored lenses (geofilters but for all of snapchat) you can get somewhere starting around $450,000.


11 thoughts on “For my next trick I will make my picture disappear in 4 seconds!

    • Yeah it’s one of the more expensive media outlets right? I see it as a sure fire way to reaching target groups like millennials but you can do so through Facebook for cheaper I think. You can easily skip the advertisements that pop up during discovery too.

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    • It’s a fun application! I would highly suggest checking it out. I think Cindy would have it, or maybe Jen. It’s more of a younger user world, but it’s still lots of fun. I’ll show it to you next time I’m around. Happy to hear from you, and that you’re keeping up with my blog.

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  1. I hadn’t really thought of how Snapchat has advertisements. I click past them when I’m in the stories companies have. Thanks for explaining the difference in geofilters and sponsored lenses, I didn’t know the two apart until now.

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  2. HAHA i love the title of this post! The videos were so useful at developing your point also ! This post in particular is extremely useful because Snapchat is on the rise and marketing is growing in the app. I would love to bring this knowledge to my parents businesses!

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    • I think its so helpful when kids who are more tech savvy help adults or family businesses with their social media. We just tend to be a bit better as using the said accounts. I’m happy you enjoyed the post šŸ™‚ hope to see you on my next one!

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  3. Sponsored lenses are my favorite form of advertising on Snapchat. I didn’t realize they were so expensive though! If companies are looking to save money yet still make an impact with the Snapchat audience, I would highly recommend geofilters. I heard that they can generate a very high ROI!

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