Pinning after business

Pinterest is regarded as the holy grail for all women planning parties, and what to cook for dinner. But could it be a useful business outlet too? Many businesses including food based businesses like Kraft are taking advantage of Pinterest as a medium to get closer to groups like foodies, moms, and aspiring home makers. This medium is an extremely organizable cork board of sorts where the newest content generally sits at the top of the page but you are able to organize your pin boards/cork boards as you please.

Not only are consumers able to look at your pins, but ‘pin’ it into their own boards or collections. When they do this other people following their accounts are exposed to their pins and repin the pin that was repined. Confused yet? For the example of Kraft, they have many different boards but they are grouped into what the consumer would be looking for. “Comfort Food Recipes” “Cookie Ball Recipes” “Quick and Easy Dinners”, these are all some of Kraft’s boards meant to target whoever the person browsing their wall is interested in. A busy mom would rely on the quick and easy dinners whereas a grandma would go for the cookie ball recipe board.

As much as Pinterest is a useful tool, it is also a bit lacking when it comes to audience choice. As you can see in the chart below the male population on Pinterest is severely lacking, but the upside is a majority of users have a great income which means more potential business. Things like including a price and outbound link in your pins to your products greatly increases the possibility of purchase. I attempted to bring in a rogue male user’s Pinterest board but failed to actually find a guy in the sea of women when you type in home decor. But thankfully typing in monster trucks gives you lots of men. Here is Christopher Lambert ‘s  account where he seems to very much enjoy pinning things about sports in general. It seems he is just collecting general images so he might not be using Pinterest as it’s intended use to ‘inspire’, but users can choose how they utilize the company.


As far as analytics go, there is a bit of a limit to what you can see on your business account’s end. I would suggest hooking it up to another social media analytic tracker account like Hootsuite to get more real time data to use.  But as far as basics go, Pinterest offers a simple video to help newbies on how to use Pinterest’s provided analytics


6 thoughts on “Pinning after business

    • Yes, please check it out. I’m a big fan of it personally searching for things like meal ideas, home interior decorations, and just overall shopping for things. I like the organization of it, and how you can make a coherent story.

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  1. I absolutely love Pinterest. I never really saw alot of companies – but the more I think about it Nordstrom on occasion pops up for me when I’m looking through trending styles and clothes. I work at a restaurant now, I might talk to my manager about trying to advertise on Pinterest now.

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    • Yes, they are sneaky aren’t they? 😉 I don’t necessarily seek out Pinterest accounts to follow though. I’ve always had luck just following the general ‘interests’ that you pick when you set up your account. But after learning more about it from my branding class, I want to check out some to follow to kind of study in the case that I’m ever in charge of business’ pages.

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