Representing your brand by individuals

Have you ever heard of a brand ambassador? Up and coming businesses that generally target the younger population use this handy tool to get the word out about their business on campuses, in communities, and overall create brand equity. A brand ambassador is an individual or individuals hired by a company to promote it’s brand whether through product or service. The brand ambassador usually has to be a repeat customer or one that has strong feelings towards the brand, as his or her job is to more or less be a word of mouth promoter. The brand ambassador may be friends with hundreds of people, and they spread the word of the business by giving testimonial.



Indeed is a website to find jobs, post resumes, and be noticed by employers. Just searching for brand ambassador jobs in the area (Tampa) gives you a multitude of different local businesses wanting someone to represent them. You can almost think of their job as being a groupee for a band on the road, but instead they are in their own area. But how do they fit into social media? Well, as I stated earlier brand ambassadors are generally either extreme repeat customers, or worship the company. Companies don’t hire just anyone, they want someone with good social status and access to many different people.

With that, generally younger people get hired and they are expected to promote not only be word of mouth and testimonial, but also by social media. Normally brand ambassadors are paid either hourly, by stipend, and on occasion through a sort of a commission system. When posting on social media, they sometimes ask you to type in a code at the end of check out to give you a special discount off. While the customer gets that sale, it also shows  the company that the customer purchased due to the brand ambassador’s promotions. More established companies tend not to have to use brand ambassadors as they already have a name out there, but smaller more local companies generally use brand ambassadors.


As a student, often bars target college kids because they are known for being in their wild years, and want to go out every weekend to have a good time. Also to get drunk off their rockers. See below for an example of a local posting on a class page. This is more of an example of spamming as a brand ambassador, as this specific post had been repeatedly placed on the page a few days apart. But nonetheless, they get the word out that way. Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.44.19 AM.png

So what do you think? Have you ever heard of a brand ambassador before? Is it something you think small and local businesses should invest in to get the word out about their businesses? Have you ever been a brand ambassador before?


9 thoughts on “Representing your brand by individuals

  1. I haven’t heard of brand ambassadors before, but those people that comment on the tampa page are really annoying. It clogs up all the other student things that get posted, it pisses me off.

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    • Yeah. I totally agree. Sometimes brand ambassadors are more then anything annoying. Some that hold the position don’t use a creative approach with it, and instead rely on spam as a means of getting things done. They need to work on having a balance between being repetitive and actually having a sort of reliability.

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  2. I enjoyed this post and found it useful to take home to my family business one day. Representing your brand by an individual or individuals, can work especially well when the brand knows exactly who its customer segments are and what they are looking for. Positioning themselves as the link between and then using marketing to highlight that connection with different individuals for different segments is a great way to build the customer relationship and gain new brand followers! Great read 🙂

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    • Yes 🙂 glad you know about the concept a bit Ainsley. I think it’s a great outlet to getting more in touch with specific target groups. Hiring a yoga crazy mom as a yoga company’s ambassador probably has crazy yoga mommy friends she can tell the company about to.

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  3. I used to be a brand ambassador for a shirt company. I was paid by commission if people entered my code at check out, so it was almost like a sales commission based job. I got free merchandise, but its a good side job rather then a part time in my opinion.

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    • Thank you for explaining what it is to be a brand ambassador. I am starting up a company here in Tennessee that sells baked goods. I was looking into different ways to market ourselves, and this might be a route we will be looking in to take. We kind of all that work here are brand ambassadors ourselves right?

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    • Ah, that’s great. One of my friends had the same job – for a shirt company. She did it for a while and I believe she got paid the same way too. She didn’t get paid a lot though – it’s tough to work on commission when you can’t really show the product other then in person. If they see your shirt and want it, it works out. But when your on social media telling people to buy your product sometimes it can get annoying and make people want to unfriend you.

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  4. Tracey as for you, you are so right. Your basically a brand ambassador when your working. Your employees are also if they feel good about the place they work, and don’t bad mouth it outside of the workplace (bad PR btw, really work on making your employees happy so they don’t do that!!!!). Try a brand ambassador, maybe get a family member to be it that is very influential in the community. If not, a close friend 🙂

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  5. Great post on brand ambassadors! I know a lot of college students do this for extra money. One time, one of my career service contacts warned me about promoting these opportunities too much too students. Career Services was concerned that a lot of companies are using students, promising them resume type experience and really they just want to flatter students into buying more product. However, I don’t think that is always the case and am willing to hear what kinds of opportunities these companies want to offer our students.

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