Google Whatwords?

One of the many common places where businesses advertise today, is through America’s favorite search engine: Google. It’s the all around place just about anyone can access. The only thing you need is Wifi, and a computer or a phone to have access to the Google search engine.

Google offers the platform Google Adwords to let businesses set up advertisements to show up when consumers search terms that have to do with their business. For example, Bob’s Plumbing Company would have keywords such as ‘plumbing’ ‘plumber’ ‘broken toilet’ and so on help determine when Bob’s advertisement would appear as a part of the search. Many businesses today do exactly what Bob does to advertise, they use Google.

The one best thing that advertising with Google offers is that you only pay for results. Your ad can pop up on search results of consumers all day, but you will only be charged when someone actually clicks on your ad. It is also relatively easy to set the budget you are willing to allocate to Google to handle, they take care of when the results will actually pop up. You can customize the keywords, what regions the ad is able to show up in, and more.

This blog post doesn’t go much in depth into Adwords, but gives the basic understanding of what the service provides. In the next few weeks, I will be posting basic learning concepts of how to craft your advertisement with Adwords, how to monitor your ads, and even how to get certified in Adwords.

Students and professionals across the country can get Adwords Fundamentals certified on the Google Partners platform after passing an exam of 100 questions with an 80% passing score. Do understand this is the most basic of the Adwords test, there is also Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile Advertising exams. You are required to go through 4 lessons, which I highly suggest you actually read through to get a good understanding as the test was rather difficult. I took the test a total of three times if I remember right, and it is a grueling long test. Some questions are tricky, but it really tests your ability to use working examples and literal definitions.

You don’t receive a certificate for the basic Adwords Fundamentals, but I have attached below my Adwords Shopping certificate that is printable. Google also offers an Analytics exam, but I am not an expert on the subject so I’d rather avoid giving out false information. Maybe someday in another post I can share more about Analytics. Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 5.58.53 PM.png


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