SEO means what?

SEO better known as search engine optimization is super important as it dictates how your business’ website shows up in search results. SEO is a very important tool to have if you are a predominantly a business that does its business online. Keywords, campaigns, how well your site runs, and empty pages all have a very important role when it comes to optimizing your SEO. If your online page doesn’t necessarily rack up a bunch of traffic it might be time to hire a company, or even bring a new employee on board to have on hand to constantly make sure your in business online. I highly suggest hiring someone for your team, after all people like us know our stuff.

If your new to the SEO game, it might be best if you get someone a bit experienced. Sure it might cost more to hire them then an intern but they will know generally what they need to do to help your site. If your a small business, you will typically use Google’s Adwords site for your site’s traffic as it is a super basic means of getting your site seen in Google’s search results. It offers ways to maximize your search potential, and how essentially your search result will show up when searched. Below is an example of the word ‘plumbing’ searched on Google. Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 6.29.18 PM.png

There is a clear distinction to what is an ad when it is paid for with Google Adwords. Optimizing the way your site pops up in search results is a part of what Google Adwords helps you understand, and craft your site up to it’s standards. And to be frank, it can teach you how to set up your site so it shows up regardless of paying for any sort of advertisement. Don’t have broken pages, and so on.

So having a really strong site makes you show up in search results organically. You can also put money into having your site show up as an actual advertisement on Google through the Google Adwords platform.


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