Apologies for the Hiatus!

Deepest apologies for not updating my blog as often as I had planned to a few months ago. I recently got overwhelmed with school, taking on a new internship, and working a part time job. But with the internship, I am happy to say has given me a plethora of knowledge. In this position, there is no marketing team, nor even a marketing head. I get all of my direction from the president of the company, so my internship involves alot of learning it for myself.

I help with both the main website, and blog that I recently created for the business – which is a software business. I also helped set up different social media accounts I thought were best fit for the target audience of costumers we wanted to reach out (B2B, which is tough. I never really saw myself marketing for a business that did business generally with other businesses and not the public). So, a lot goes into this. I feel like sometimes I am on my toes, making sure I’m doing things right because really my boss is the head honcho of the company. Technically I am an intern, but what I do sometimes feels more like an actual job with the responsibilities I have.

But aside from all that, I have reaped knowledge on finding these things out on my own! I’ve started using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google My Business, social media platforms, and more recently something called Google Search console which allows you to see what keywords led people to your site. So get ready, I hope to in the next two weeks have some good details on what can help you with your marketing efforts!

In my heart, I still want to market to actual people and consumers rather then businesses, but maybe eventually I will change over to the dark side of B2B. We will see.


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