Google Analytics

Google Analytics is yet another certification offered by Google. Google Adwords is the most popular by far, but what is this Analytics thing? As you can imagine it has to do with – well analytics. CTR, active users, demographics, acquisition and so on are just a few words to the lingo used. If it sounds mean and scary now, it really doesn’t seem that way after you explore the platform a few times over. When you first log on, it can be pretty daunting with so many different options, drop downs, and graphs it is possible to get in and get what you came in there for. Something that may be impossible to do at Target. But possible for a small business owner, or someone simply wanting to monitor their personal site through Google Analytics.

While I have yet to get certified in Google Analytics, I am currently studying up for the test. Getting certified in Google platforms is never required to use them, but nonetheless it is a smart idea. It will save you a lot of the head ache you will run into, and of course save you time from having to look up tutorial videos every two minutes when you get confused. Certification is free, but you need to obviously pass the test, and take it every year so that your certification stays up to date. But why do I need to take the test again after finally passing it a year ago (after 5 attempts), well the platform is just like everything in the world. It’s constantly changing, and updating for the greater good. As Disney’s Carousel of Progress goes “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”.

What I want to do with you now, is give you kind of a crash course of how Google Analytics work. I am planning to soon launch a personal website for future career opportunities (also because I want to make myself stand out for the job market once I graduate – especially for The Walt Disney Company), and will link Google Analytics to it. Right now I only use the platform for one of the companies I am interning for, and I have a pretty good idea that it wouldn’t be right to post their analytics all over the internet. So it will be a mystery to you what kind of traffic we have going to that to that site! Guiding you through analytics

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.20.53 AM

Here you have your dashboard. It’s pretty straight forward. Why it is showing 0 users across the board, is because this is set to only show real-time users. So someone who’s browsing your website this very second. No one is right now for this site. There are Users (literally people/browsers of the site), Sessions (how many pages they visit) the Bounce Rate (how fast they leave), and Session Duration (how long they stay). Pretty easy right? It just depends who really is viewing your site. This data isn’t really helpful unless your trying to see a measurement of traffic right this very second. It’s useful if you just launched an event, and your curious to see how much traffic its generating. But either way, you can see this data later when you look back at it in the Behavior tab on the left.

So, you got a peek at how all this works. Hungry for more? I plan to launch my personal webpage soon, and the next blog will be all about this stuff. More in depth. I hope you stick around to learn more about how this can help. How does Google Analytics help anyway? You can measure how much traffic you are getting to a web page, the behaviors of the people who view it (demographics, time, date, etc.), and my favorite measure how well a campaign is doing. Is your website traffic significantly better since you’ve offered that BOGO coupon? Things of that nature. So be watching this blog closely! You won’t wanna miss the next post.